The Bronze Reiki Package

From the One Healing Academy
Online Access to Courses

Bronze Reiki Attunement Package

Includes Usui Reiki to Master/Teacher level so suitable for both newcomers and experienced teachers


 You can receive this package for free if you purchase the LIGHTARIAN COURSES - CLICK HERE for more information! 



  •  Are you a Reiki Teacher or Practitioner looking to broaden and widen your experiences of working with different energy systems?

  • Are you a new comer to energy healing and Reiki wishing to learn as many different systems as you possibly can?

  • Are you looking to set up your own Reiki Training School or Website?

  • If so please read on as the following package could be the one you are looking for!


As an experienced Reiki teacher I have been trained in many different modalities of Reiki and other energy systems. Over the years I have found that this has become my energy tool box and I can combine the different energies and teachings to work in my own unique way. People often ask why some teachers or practitioners decide to learn so many different systems and I personally feel that experiencing different flavours of energy healing can encourage us to work in our own best way.

Each system is a standalone modality and can be shared with your own students or just worked with for your own personal use.

I offer a comprehensive package of Reiki and energy healing courses including Western Usui Reiki which will give you the knowledge and experience of working with many systems.

You are able to teach and attune your own students and share the amazing energies of Reiki, Angel healing and other energy forms.

After making payment you will receive information to access a password protected page where you can download all the manuals to your pc. Once you have worked through each manual you can then request your attunement either by arranging a day and time to mutually share the distance connection or you can ask for it to be prepared in advance.

After receiving the attunement you can print off your own certificate using the certificate template which is also online.

You are then able to teach and attune your own students - either in person or distantly and you can also set up your own Reiki website to offer your services. Please note that websites are your own responsibility to create and pay for - I do have details of a free website building company to start your own site!

All of the courses listed below are included in this package -  each and every course is to teacher level enabling you to teach your own students.

To purchase each course individually would cost hundreds of pounds however I believe that Reiki and energy healing should be available to all at an affordable price.

As everything is online I am able to keep the cost to an affordable level.

The following courses are included 




For students who have no experience of Reiki or energy healing you would need to start with Usui Reiki to teacher level and then move on to the other courses. This will ensure that you have a complete understanding of energy healing and will enable you to work in the best possible way with the different modalities.


To summarise - you will receive the following


  • Over 80 Reiki and energy healing courses

  •   Individual attunements for each course

  • Details of how to prepare distance attunements and create energy chi balls to send healing to others
  • Ongoing support as needed
  • Online access at anytime to all the manuals
  •   Choice of requesting attunements to be prepared in advance or arrange a mutually agreed time to be attuned
  • PDF manuals that you can use for your own students
  •   PDF Reiki consultation and record form to print out to keep your own client records
  • 74 page complete Usui Reiki manual to master teacher level in pdf format



The cost of this package which has no time limit is  $ 149.00

Payment can be made securely online using the button below - you can  pay securely without having to register for a paypal account.

After payment you will receive an email giving instructions to access the manuals and attunements.

Please allow up to 24 hours to receive this email and check your spam folder in case the email has been sent there.If you have any questions regarding your purchase please email me



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